Development and release engineering

This is the main documentation for dev and releng processes.

Our internal developer portal

About our internal developer portal at


This page explains the concept of a “release” and related artifacts and processes.

App Development Processes

Test Environments

When working with test environments there are a couple of things we should try to stick to process wise in order to make everyones life easier and avoid cost.

Using Helm at Giant Swarm

We use Helm to deploy our App Platform. This page is for local setup and tips and tricks.

Setting up your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for work with Giant Swarm

In this area we want to help you to set up your IDE for most efficient and painless collaboration with Giant Swarm colleagues and systems.

Codesigning for Windows binaries

We distribute signed CLI binaries (.exe) for Windows. Here is how to configure CI and the CLI repository, and how to update the certificate once it expires.

Creating a new GitHub repository

For a new component, and for many other purposes, we create dedicated repositories in Github. Here is how you do it best, to ensure consistency and to have all features and automation available.