Book Flatrate

This is the summary of how our book flatrate works

We have a Book flatrate!

This means if you have a book that you want to read – buy it and get it reimbursed by Giant Swarm. Buy it via Spendesk, if you want to buy it in a local store to support your local dealer you can reimburse it via Spendesk. Spendesk is THE tool of choice here!

Yes – any book (also audiobooks) that you are interested in!


Unfortunately German tax law decided to make things difficult. Therefore the following rules apply:

  • Do not spend more than 44 EUR each month.
  • Only buy books between the 1st and the 20st of each month. Book flatrate is closed from the 21st till the end of each month.
  • When purchasing from the shop, use the billing address “Giant Swarm GmbH, Im Mediapark 5, 50670 Cologne”.
  • Use the Book Log to add your purchased books.
  • Please add book flatrate in the description for payments or reimbursements via spendesk.
  • Choose the GiantSwarm cost center in Spendesk.
  • Once you receive the invoice, upload it to Spendesk as soon as possible. Set the correct purchase date (do not confuse month/day).
  • After reading a book, consider posting in #chat-books how you liked it. If you want to exchange books with others, our on-site events are a good place in case you have enough room in your luggage.
Last modified December 6, 2023: Update book flatrate info (#190) (d482617)