Moving & Travelling @ Giant Swarm

You want to change your location or travel for Giant Swarm? Check here!


You need to talk to #teamteam if you plan on moving. The “further” away timewise, the better. We do not have one rule that applies to all situations!

Move with Giant Swarm

We are a remote company so in general, moving is easier compared to other companies.

We have the approach of prioritizing PEOPLE over PROCESSES. This means we try to avoid creating processes that work for everyone a bit bit for none properly This also applies if you are moving.

If you’re planning on or if you have decided to do so, please talk to #teamteam as soon as possible. We have always found solutions, but we have to take administrative implications, internal fairness, and costs into consideration and this sometimes takes time and might require creative solutions.

Hurdles we may need to talk about in your particular case:

  • Location Factor

    • We have come up with a general rule of thumb here that says:

    Everything 5% < to your original loc factor - let’s talk

    Everything 5% > to your original loc factor - no changes, you stay on your old location factor

  • Contract Setup (including slow bureaucracy in GER and elsewhere)

  • Time Zone Hassle

  • Limitations due to customer contracts

Travel for Giant Swarm

We are a remote company so in general we travel quite a lot. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are travelling for Giant Swarm.

Flight booking:

All the common sense things, this means e.g.:

  1. We fly economy unless there is a reason not to
  2. We take the train if flying does not save time
  3. We book our flights as early as possible (same applies to Hotel rooms and such)
  4. We treat the company money like it was our own

-> If for any reason, you can’t book your flights in advance please let us know.

CO2 Emission offset: Please see Offsetting CO₂ emissions of business flights

Reimbursement flights for oversea people:

In general, we reimburse all your flights to the Onsites and the Giant Mansion. If you want to go to a conference (which is not necessary) please talk to us - this helps us to keep the budget in control.