Working Student Perks

This page explains how many perks you get as a working student.

First set-up for remote working

-> use your 300€ budget to buy your preferred equipment

🎧Headset/ earphones

🖥 Second screen for tech working students

… or anything else that would make your remote experience even better :) (i.e. chair etc.)

Your purchase process through Spendesk

  1. Request a virtual credit card or reimburse your payment afterwards

  2. Name your request in the details section as following: First set-up Working Student

  3. Upload your receipts to Spendesk

If you have any questions feel free to contact Team-Team.


  • you are allowed to attend offered trainings (if they suit you)

  • you can also have an individual development catch up (aka career advice from colleagues)

& of course

You also have access to these company wide perks

🧘🏽‍♀️Yoga classes

📚book flatrate

🏝 paid holiday


🌴 Join us at our yearly onsites! N.B., we pay all travel, accommodation and associated costs, however, the time spent at onsite is unpaid. If you do any daily hours relating to your normal work, this can be billed.