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Existing RFCs

Created (newest first)TitleState
2024-02-19Revamp our docs

Revamp our docs to describe the Dev Platform product, considering the new Cluster API (CAPI) architecture. Temporarily move vintage to a subpath and create the new content in the top level. The docs entry point can still point to the old till renovation is over.
2023-10-26Importing EKS/AKS/GKE clusters to CAPI using crossplane

In order for Giant Swarm to import/adopt customer clusters on bring-your-own infrastructure, use Crossplane ObserveOnly functionality for resources to discover existing infrastructure of customers without managing it. Use crossplane annotation to prevent CAPI from reconciling clusters. Do not rely on “paused” objects.
2023-10-12Leaving docker hub and simplifying registries architecture

Switch to Azure Container Registry (ACR), even for China. Instead of replicating images across our multiple registries, trust this single provider to solve high availability. Run a local pull-through proxy to fall back during provider outage.
2023-10-10RFC and decision making process

This contains the explicit procedure to follow for creating an RFC and having it reviewed. Introduce a structured YAML header for the Markdown file. List of RFCs gets rendered in the handbook.
2023-10-09PSS migration orchestration

Describes the implementation of early Policy API features to assist with customer migrations to Kyverno-enforced Pod Security Standards.
2023-10-09Policy Orchestration System

Introduces the Policy API as an abstraction for declaratively managing several external tools through a single customer interface.
2023-08-24Extension to Giant Swarm CRD management via Fluxapproved
2023-08-07Manage essential CRDs via MCBapproved
2023-05-31Simplify baseDomain usage in our applicationsapproved
2023-05-08Default PSS and Policy Exceptions with Kyverno

Outlines the suggested replacement of Pod Security Policies with a Kyverno-backed implementation of the official Pod Security Standards guidelines in Giant Swarm clusters.
2023-03-01Container Registry Configuration

Since Docker Hub has an image download rate limit which can lead to unhealthy clusters, configure containerd such that it uses other registries as mirrors (fallback).
2023-01-25Ensure no single point of failure in management cluster accessapproved
2023-01-12Logging infrastructureapproved
2022-11-09Crossplane MVP on Management Clustersapproved
2022-10-18Making parts of the intranet publicapproved
2022-09-07Assigning installation namesapproved
2022-07-08SIG Meeting Improvement Initiativeapproved
2022-06-20Multi layer app configsapproved
2022-05-11Classifying clusters based on priorityapproved
2022-04-15Automatic App upgradesapproved
2022-04-01Merging config in a gitops contextapproved
2022-03-24RFCs Related to Kyverno Policy Management and Deployment

RFCs related to how Giant Swarm stores, versions, and shares Kyverno policies with customers. Partially superseded by Policy API concepts.
2022-02-15A better customer email management solutionapproved
2021-11-24Managed Apps Vision

This RFC describes a general vision for improving the user experience of Managed Apps.
2021-11-10Configuration management with Cluster APIapproved
2021-09-17Automatic workload cluster upgrades

As part of the Cluster API hackathon we brainstormed how to automate the cluster upgrades taking into account customer requirements and technical limitations brought under the new upstream implementation.
2021-07-26Monitoring System End To End Testsapproved
2021-07-23Defaulting of CAPI clusters with webhooksapproved
2021-07-19Road to Cluster API (over the potholes)approved
2021-07-12Enable customers to use gitops in management clustersapproved
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