Cilium Troubleshooting

If we suspect the CNI is misbehaving

Table of Contents

  1. Command Line Tool
  2. Check Component Status
  3. Cilium Connectivity Test
  4. Check Hubble UI

Command Line Tool

To run cilium command line tool (ctl) you can take use the binary from the cilium agent pod lie

kubectl exec -it -n kube-system $(kubectl get pod -n kube-system -l -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}" ) sh

or you install cilium client in your local and ensure the current kubeconfig points to the right cluster.

Check Component Status

  1. Inside the Workload Cluster verify that cilium-operator deployment on kube-system has all pods running and no errors on the logs.
  2. Inside the Workload Cluster verify that all pods on the cilium daemonset on kube-system are running.

Cilium Connectivity Test

  1. Open a terminal connection against any of the pods of the cilium daemonset:
$> kubectl exec -it -n kube-system $(kubectl get pod -n kube-system -l -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}" ) sh
  1. Check cilium status
$> cilium status

KVStore:                 Ok   Disabled
Kubernetes:              Ok   1.24 (v1.24.13) [linux/amd64]
Kubernetes APIs:         ["cilium/v2::CiliumClusterwideNetworkPolicy", "cilium/v2::CiliumEndpoint", "cilium/v2::CiliumLocalRedirectPolicy", "cilium/v2::CiliumNetworkPolicy", "cilium/v2::CiliumNode", "core/v1::Namespace", "core/v1::Node", "core/v1::Pods", "core/v1::Service", "discovery/v1::EndpointSlice", ""]
KubeProxyReplacement:    Strict   [eth0, eth1]
Host firewall:           Disabled
CNI Chaining:            none
CNI Config file:         CNI configuration file management disabled
Cilium:                  Ok   1.13.0 (v1.13.0-c9723a8d)
NodeMonitor:             Listening for events on 4 CPUs with 64x4096 of shared memory
Cilium health daemon:    Ok
IPAM:                    IPv4: 8/126 allocated from,
IPv6 BIG TCP:            Disabled
BandwidthManager:        Disabled
Host Routing:            Legacy
Masquerading:            IPTables [IPv4: Enabled, IPv6: Disabled]
Controller Status:       42/42 healthy
Proxy Status:            OK, ip, 0 redirects active on ports 10000-20000
Global Identity Range:   min 256, max 65535
Hubble:                  Ok   Current/Max Flows: 4095/4095 (100.00%), Flows/s: 35.96   Metrics: Disabled
Encryption:              Disabled
Cluster health:          6/6 reachable   (2023-05-17T10:41:28Z)

Hubble UI

  1. In order to open the hubble UI you will need to use kubectl port-forwarding:
$> kubectl -n kube-system port-forward svc/hubble-ui 3000:80

Once the command is running you can open your browser at