Checking Flux 2.0 Breaking Changes


Flux 2.0 release is anticipated within the next few weeks (June 2023). As part of this release, there are some breaking changes within kustomize 5.0 that need to be checked by customers in their gitops configurations before Giant Swarm upgrades to this release in Management Clusters.

The Breaking Changes

Note: This does not replace reading the release notes. Please review the full release notes here.

The main takeaway here is that patchesStrategicMerge and patchesJson6902 are deprecated in v1beta1 for removal in v1.

Whilst you can use kustomize edit fix, this is known to break kustomize build when updating patchesStrategicMerge.

  • This is because patchesStrategicMerge allows multiple patches to exist in a single file whilst patches does not. See upstream issue.
  • For future automatic splitting of patchesStrategicMerge files. See upstream issue.

What do I need to do?

  • Review the release notes and breaking changes above.
  • Check your gitops implementation for usage of patchesStrategicMerge and patchesJson6902.
  • Replace with patches.
    • if relevant, split patchesStrategicMerge entries before converting them to patch entries.
  • Check your customer specific issue found in your repo or the project board for updates on when Giant Swarm will upgrade.

Please reach out to Giant Swarm with any questions or help.